Auto Meister Sdn Bhd (892546-W) was established in the year 2010 with the aim of providing top quality, innovative softwares, automotive customization and business productivity solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region.

The company has since 2012 secured the resellership for Apple products in Malaysia and in 2013 partnered with SK Telecom Co, Ltd in distributing its range of high-tech products and services in Malaysia and Singapore with special focus on high tech lifestyle gadgets, Healthcare ICT / Hospital Information Systems and Education ICT Platforms.   In August 2013, the company has embarked on another meaningful project in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia ( Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia ) for Smart Digital Promotions of Malaysia Tourism on a global scale.

The company is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan with presence in Singapore and Cambodia. In synergy with our strategic partners we have access to dedicated research and development facilities which enables us to be competitive and able to truly serve our clients needs better.

Quality Product & Services

  1. High Tech Lifestyle Gadgets
  2. Smart Beam Projector ( Smallest Awared Winning Pico Projector in the World ).

Its ground breaking design and performance has won it the Product Design Award at iF Design Awards held in Germany in December 2012 and chosen as one of the Big 5 items under the Portable Product Category at Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October 2012. It has also been invited to exhibit at the Mobile Learning Week organized by UNESCO in Paris from February 18 to 22, and subsequently at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain from February 25 to 28, 2013.

Smart Beam is aimed at the portable projector market and the mobility gadget savvy customer which are growing steadily over the years. After considering today’s pico projectors in the local market, Smart beam may very well create a new niche category in the market with its ease of use , extraodinarily small foot print and brightness for its size and a projection size even rivalling that of bigger pico projectors costing much more. Smart beam is also compatible with note books, tablets and with most smart phones like Samsung Galaxy series , Note , HTC , Apples range of smart phones to name a few , thereby creating another level of portability and useability as a lifestyle product or for work , home study or presentation.

  1. SKT Tablet PCs

SK has its own range of advanced Tablet pc ranging from affordable mid to high end specifications. SKT Tablet pc’s utilises the latest processors ranging from Cortex A8 for its 7 inch tablets to 1 Ghz dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processors for its 10.1 inch range and uses the Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS .

  • SKT Smart Pen

Skt’s Equil Smart Pen family provides a world of seamless paper to digital conversion technology . Smart Pen lets you create , capture and share ideas digitally thereby creating another level of creativity and convenience.

  1. SKT Smart Phone

SKT has its own range of advanced android based smart phones with specifications and prices ranging from affordable to high end .

SKT smart phones utilises the latest processors ranging from Cortex A9 1G for its affordable range to the high end Qualcomm 1G Dual Core / Quad Core and uses Android based OS ranging from 2.3 Gingerbread OS to Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 .

SKT has also rights to the high end Lamborghini and Aston Martin range of smart phones with latest processors and durable water / dust proof and Sapphire Coating touch panel features.

  1. Education ICT Solutions
  2. SKT Smart Class

SKT is leading the way to a full interactive Smart Class with supporting systems and hardwares that enables data sharing on a real-time basis between lecturers and students , via electronic white boards / virtual smart boards and portable tablet pc .

  1. Innovative Ubiquitous Based Test Solutions (UBT)

UBT is a tablet based test solution to realize a paperless test/examination as a new method and supports both iOS and Android based OS. With the proliferation of tablets, iPads and similar devices are increasingly replacing traditional paper and whilst its uses are inumerable , it also supports and plays its part in being eco-friendly and conserving the forest.

The UBT software platform supports the whole test / examination process. After a test, it could synchronize the result of the examinees with the organizations education system . The software also has a User platform, Supervisor Platform , Test Manager Platform and with a full security data encryption technology . A de-facto standard AES-256 has been applied to the UBT solution . It was also chosen as a standard for South Korea National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board. SKT also has other innovative education based solutions and details can be provided at request .

  1. Indoor Location Based System (LBS)

SKT’s Indoor LBS is a indoor location business platform and provides unparelelled indoor navigation for large buildings /complexes such as airports, musuems, hospitals, convention centres , shopping malls, etc. In addition to navigation it also provides a host of other advanced features such as location based marketing, integrated Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, membership programme etc. Indoor LBS is extensively and succesfully implemented in shopping malls , hospitals, exhibition halls and also Incheon airport in S.Korea.

  1. Next Generation Hospital Information System (HIS)

SK Telecom in collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) has developed a state of the art next generation Hospital Information System which has won several accolades over the years. The HIS of SKT- SNUH has won the 2012 Korea IT Innovation Grand Prize and most recently the award by HIMMS Asia Pasific as The Next Generation HIS’.

SKT’s HIS incorporates the latest ICT technology such as rich client user interface platform, innovative user experience design and unified communication. The next generation HIS can process various and complex medical and patient information so that healthcare staff can effectively utilize the information and quickly make their decisions, improving patient safety and quality of care. The HIS is a fully comprehensive and integrated system without compromise for hospitals of any size.

  1. Apple Reseller

Automeister was also an authorised Apple reseller and were able to provide full range of Apple products with technical support and warranty.

  1. Automotive Customization

Automeister customizes and integrates APPLE and other high tech products into the needs of Automotive industry as well, providing innovative ideas and together with our strategic partners we are also able to provide dedicated research and development facilities , clay modelling facilities and injection moulding machines to provide a truly one stop centre for car customization.




Spearheading your technological value

Datuk Philip Loh

Executive Chairman

Also as Chairman of the Summit Group of Companies with vast experience in new age Tourism, Cruise, Shipping and Logistics.

Ben Loh

Managing Director

Captain of the Automeister fleet, with experience running successful businesses across multiple industries

Amir Azrael

Chief Technology Officer

The nerd and a crazy Star Wars fan. Successfully digitizing companies from paper to phablets!

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