Digital Media Buys

We perform strategical media buys to optimize your ROI. Our process are as follows;


It is critical to get accurate information about the actual target audience. We can conduct interviews, organize phone surveys and moderate focus groups to determine strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth or improvement. Determining the primary and secondary target demographics is integral to the success of every media plan.


We use a variety of criteria when choosing media for clients. Factors such as lifestyle, income, education, current events, as well as viewing and/or listening data from Arbitron and Nielsen are all taken into account. We also consider the competitiveness of the marketplace and the overall competition to your brand.


Analysis is one of the most important pieces in the media puzzle. It’s our goal to make sure that every dollar planned and executed delivers the most readers, listeners, viewers, clicks and the like. It’s our passion to shuffle and audit so you don’t have to.

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